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The mission of our Community is to educate, learn, and contribute while having fun in the process.
EasternHops offers a variety of flying events and theme days on our dedicated custom servers.
Our Community provides a comfortable flying environment where virtual pilots can learn and understand basic and advanced flight and navigation using the knowledge, skills, and experience of our virtual pilots and actual licensed pilots. We offer this all in an atmosphere free of intimidation.

EasternHops Community Events

Here are some of the events happening now at EasternHops...

KingAir 350 Wednesdays

Join us as we fly across the globe in a KingAir 350 Every Wednesday

Thunder Thursday

With heavy winds, blustering rain and awesome thunder and lightning show.

Foggy Friday

Bring your A-Game for this nail biting, edge of your seat madness that will bring your IFR skills out.

ATC Saturday

Our new ATC Saturdays will bring you an all new challange around busy airport hubs. Why not try it ?

Cessna Sunday

It's prop time, join us as each week we visit around the world in our default Cessna 172.

Meet & Greet

FlightSimCon is an annual flight simulation and aviation conference for pilots and aviation enthusiasts.

EasternHops was at FlightSimCon

FlightSimCon 2017 is over. A huge thank you to all that took the time to join us there. It was an amazing experience. Over 800 attendees were there to share in the festivities. The convention was held on June 10-11. A total of 26 members from EasternHops made the trip this year. I also want to thank them as well for taking the time to come out. It was great meeting everyone from EasternHops. I can't wait for next year.

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Pilot Flight Departure Arrival Status
EAS4222 EAS116388 ENVA YSSY Cruising
EAS102 EAS116399 KDFW PHNL Cruising
EAS243 EAS113198 FVBU PHTO Climbing
EAS4795 EAS102746 KBHM KATL Landing
EAS4769 EAS113559 KMCO KDFW Arrived
EAS4751 EAS116385 KBWI KJFK Arrived
EAS4272 EAS108826 CYVR KLAX Cruising
EAS5222 EAS104427 KJAX KATL Arrived
EAS5224 EAS109992 KMSY KDFW Arrived
EAS5255 EAS114936 KMIA KJAX Arrived
EAS5267 EAS101044 KATL KMSY Climbing
EAS5290 EAS101034 KATL KMSY Climbing
EAS5354 EAS116393 EIDW EGCC Arrived
EAS5357 EAS116249 KBOS KMIA Arrived
EAS5371 EAS116389 LFMY LEMH Arrived
EAS5380 EAS116398 KPSM KMIA Arrived
EAS5377 EAS116390 KPUB KDEN Arrived
EAS5349 EAS116101 CYUL KORD Descending