Flown by Mark - EAS5357

  • Departure Airport

    John F. Kennedy International Airport (KJFK)

  • Arrival Airport

    Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX)

  • Aircraft

    A320-2 (C-EH226)

  • Flight Time


  • Date Submitted


  • Status
  • Gross Revenue

    $ 463, 472.00

  • Fuel Cost

    $ 26, 775.56


User Comment/Improvements/Reason for rejection
EAS-5357 I know the landing rate was high, 1st time in airbus , flying 7 hrs, landing at 12:30 am, not an excuse but worthy of consideration--- I think
EAS-21 .Sorry but Due to our VA policy, all flights with landing rates above -500 fpm will be rejected. Landing rates over -400 fpm start to affect our VACentral.net Ranking. landing should be between -250 (or lower) to -350 -fpm. Thank you for understanding and Better Landings ahead. In the future, if you have a landing over -500 please do not file the report for it will effect your landing rate. Thanks

Route Map