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Why did I get banned/Rejected?

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So if you are here you may have been Rejected from our Website, FSX Servers, or kicked/banned from Discord. We do apologize for the situation but hopefully, we can clarify this as soon as possible.

> Q > Why did I get Rejected from applying to the easternhops.com website?
> A >  most likely it was because you didn't answer all the applications questions simply apply again and answer all the questions and we will review your application for approval. 

> Q > Why was "KICKED/BANNED" from Discord?
> A > if it's because you were using "Racial Slurs" then there may nothing we can do "WE DO NOT TOLERATE THAT AT ALL" and there may be nothing we can do about that.
          disrespecting other members. broadcasting loud music in voice channels, advertising/invitations other communities without permission from staff...

> Q > Why do I keep getting kicked from EasternHops FSX Servers?
> A >  Flying on the EasternHops Public server, No ATC Controller Contact on Discord  (When "ATC ON DUTY") area not following ATC instructions can get you kicked from the server.
>> spawning on the active runway at any active airport.
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