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"Pizza's Alaska epic Scenic Tour" Takeoff 11:am EST / 1500 GMT

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Greetings  EasternHops and Follow Pilots,  We invite you to Pick your favorite Cessna Skyhawk 172 and come and fly with us using  Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 We will take you on an epic 15 leg - 20nm 35nm+  Journey flying to Random Airports hops all around the world. This week   May 26th  - Takeoff 11:AM EST /  1500 GMT

Easternhops and other Cessna Sunday pilots use Event Flight Tracker using your browser you/we can watch/track your/our flights
 https://events.flighttracker.tech/ / Our Guys use the prefix "EH- discord name"

 Be sure to join our Discord Voice channel   https://discord.gg/2m9yu3uXZ3

If you are not using our EasternHops fleet pack39 you can  install our Cessna liveries pack for Cessna Sunday from Flightsim.to https://flightsim.to/file/57456/easternhops-cessna-sunday-livery-pack-1-0        ask for more information in discord

"Alaska epic Scenic Tour"   This flight was made by  "PIZZA EH-4200"

 Visit our E-Generator for full event info and flight plan >>>   https://rb.gy/dg0dvx

Short List
PATA 80A 83AK PAFA 0AK0 AA22 5BK 4AK5 CZO 8AK1 Z93 HNE 52AK 9AK8 49AK 3AK3

What Flight Simulator?   Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

When >> May 26th - 2024  -   Takeoff 11:am EST /  1500 GMT

Which Flight Server?     "EAST USA"

STARTING AIRPORT   "Ralph M Calhoun Memorial Airport / PATA"

PATA (Ralph M Calhoun Memorial Airport in Tanana, Alaska United States)
80A (American Creek in American Creek, Alaska )
83AK (Tolovana Hot Springs Airport in Fairbanks, Alaska United States)
PAFA (Fairbanks International Airport in Fairbanks, Alaska United States)
0AK0 (Scotts Airport in Salcha, Alaska United States)
AA22 (Delta Daves Airport in Delta Junction, Alaska United States)
5BK (Black Rapids Airport in Black Rapids, Alaska United States)
4AK5 (Mankomen Lake Airport in Mankomen Lake, Alaska United States)
PADB (Deltana Airport in Deltana, ) No Parking/Gates!
8AK1 (Jacobus Field in Gulkana, Alaska United States)
Z93 (Copper Center 2 Airport in Copper Center, Alaska United States)
HNE (Tahneta Pass Airport in Tahneta Pass Lodge, Alaska United States)
52AK (Basquo Airport in Kenai, Alaska United States)
9AK8 (Wolf Track Airport in Wasilla, Alaska United States)
49AK (Secluded Lake Airport in Talkeetna, Alaska United States)

Leg 1  - PATA - 80A  - (24nm)       
Leg 2  - 80A  - 83AK - (60nm)       
Leg 3  - 83AK - PAFA - (36nm)       
Leg 4  - PAFA - 0AK0 - (36nm)       
Leg 5  - 0AK0 - AA22 - (32nm)       
Leg 6  - AA22 - 5BK  - (36nm)       
Leg 7  - 5BK  - 4AK5 - (50nm)       
Leg 8  - 4AK5 - PADB - (23nm)       
Leg 9  - PADB - 8AK1 - (28nm)       
Leg 10 - 8AK1 - Z93  - (20nm)       
Leg 11 - Z93  - HNE  - (57nm)       
Leg 12 - HNE  - 52AK - (47nm)       
Leg 13 - 52AK - 9AK8 - (23nm)       
Leg 14 - 9AK8 - 49AK - (25nm)   
Happy Landings to @everyone

Event Map

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