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Title: EasternHops Community Server Policies
Post by: Ben Trout EAS6657 on May 12, 2020, 12:45:07 PM
Policies for EasternHops Public Community Servers

Global Statement
The EasternHops community is comprised of people from all over the world.  People of all countries, backgrounds, races, and traditions can expect to be treated equally in regards to server participation and advancement eligibility.  While the EasternHops Policies and the EasternHops moderators and administrators will execute every opportunity to reflect and enforce these core values and principles, we acknowledge that there will, from time to time, be exceptions.  As a user of EasternHops services, you must know that you have the same access to these rights and protections that every other person does.  You must know also that the EasternHops moderators and administrators cannot be expected to monitor every channel, every user nor every exchange all of the time.  We, therefore, recommend that as a user of these services, you report violations to a moderator and/or administrator the very moment you witness them.  We cannot do anything about transgressions if we do not know about them.  As a community, it befalls upon each of us to protect each of us.  See something ... Say something.

The policies for each type of member are listed here for the benefit of all users.  Every user should be knowledgeable of the expectations for every other member.

USER Policies
Intro - This section applies to all users of the EasternHops ATC Service Teamspeak channel and the FSX server.
Definition - Any person logged into the EasternHops ATC Teamspeak server or the FSX server.  If you are using the hosted services in any way, you are a USER and are therefore expected to adhere to these policies.  By joining the server, you agree to it's policies.
Abilities/Rights -
Policies - Refusal to adhere to these policies may lead to administrative action.

MODerator Policies
Intro - Server operations require moderation in order to maintain an order that reflects the mission and principles of the server operators.  It is the job of a moderator to monitor and ensure continuing compliance of the server behavior expectations and policies to the best of his or her abilities.  A moderator placement in the server accountability hierarchy is denoted in "User Policies".
Definition - A moderator is a user that, via peer review and Administrator approval, has been granted Moderator privileges.  Moderators are denoted by the red "M" Teamspeak tag.
Pre-requisites - A candidate for moderator will:
Abilities/Rights -A moderator has several tools available to him or her to effect server and channel moderation.
Policies - Refusal to adhere to these policies may lead to administrative action.

ATC Policies
Intro - The primary purpose of the ATC server is to provide those who are learned as well as those who desire to learn, a structured place to realize these disciplines and desires.  The ATC controller is key to this mission.  The ATC controller, therefore, is either a person that desires to improve himself or herself in the hobby of performing Air Traffic Control services for simulator pilots that wish to conduct their flights in this structured atmosphere.  It follows then that administrators and moderators conduct themselves in providing this tool for them.  In short, ATC tags and those simulator pilots wishing to conduct their flights under ATC control are the customers.
Definition -Air Traffic Controllers have been certified by a designated examiner (DE), and a consensus has been reached among other DE's that they shall receive such designation.  Certified controllers are denoted by the yellow "ATC" Teamspeak tag.  Whether or not the active controller has the ATC tag, they are one of the two customers, pilots being the other, the moderators, and administrators serve them to the extent that the policies allow, and only for so long as the controller or developing controller adheres to these policies.
Pre-requisites - A successful ATC candidate will:
Abilities/Rights -While subject to moderation in Teamspeak in regards to channel usage, an ATC controller has dominion over the airspace being controlled by that zone.
Policies -
The Controller is REPRESENTING EASTERNHOPS! The controller should always follow these rules and they should ENFORCE these rules. Refusal to adhere to these policies may lead to administrative action.

In the event that your account was subject to administrative action, you were notified of the reason for said action.  Should you wish to make an appeal, you may do so by posting ONE forum message in the "Why was I banned/rejected?" forum asking for clarification regarding your particular situation.

Once explained to you, and understood by you, you may make ONE appeal.