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So Little Navmap by default uses online sources for topographic details so you can see the altitude profile for your flight plan. 
However, not all countries or regions are covered in the online source that is used.   So I found out from the Little NavMap manual
under Cache and Files section under Flight Plan Elevation Profile you can download an offline zip file for the entire world, unzip it
somewhere on your harddrive and then point to it in the Little NavMap options windows on the Cache and Files tab... Here's a link
to the Little Navmap Usermanual section...


Just go to that link above and click on the link to go to download area for the GLOBE - Global Land One-km Base Elevation Project
elevation data.  Then click on the "All Tiles in One .zip file" link under the world map.   Download it, extract it somewhere and then select
the all10 directory under the directory where you exacted the files (approximately 1.8GB). And now you will have topographic
data for the entire world for Little NavMap to use.

Doctor Dave

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