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Published on 18 Jul 2015
Tests with Alpha-Release of Kickstarter-Project "Flyinside FSX". Motion Platform is build with Oculus Rift DK2, DE Sabertooth, DE Kangaroos, BFF 6DOF Driver and a lot of wood. Further information about this project can be found at:
People & Blogs
Standard YouTube Licence

Aviation Editor Geoffrey Thomas and Kim Macdonald - The West Australian on May 16, 2016, 12:05 am

Click  Here !! to see video and full story


VA Central has been offline for the pass year but is coming back online in the near future . We are looking forward seeing our rakings back online

Hello EasternHops Pilots
      When you use our Virtual Airline (E-Tracker that is known as “SMARTCARS”) system, your flight Statistics are submitted to VA Central Click Here !! where there are other VA groups flying that we share our pilot reports with and then we, in turn, receive a rank. So we are to advance up the ranking, we hope you will consider doing some flights for us using our E-Tracker (SMARTCARS). To see how to use are E-Tracker Click Here !! If you need help you can join us on our teamspeak server ""
Thanks Eastern42oo aka Pizza


Hello EasternHopers and friends, you are all welcome to join us on our Teamspeak server " " Our Teamspeak will give you an environment of virtual and real pilots who are here to offer assistance to any issues you may need help with and for banter and great flights. Join our ATC controlled area with real and virtual ATC controllers that will ease your mind and help you with ATC lingo so you can become a pro pilot.

Below is full information on how to install our teamspeak

Download and install the Windows Client version for your operating system 32bit or 64bit

Public Server address (

be sure to follow the below instructions for setting up your mic for teamspeak

Click image to enlarge


What We Do At EasternHops...

EasternHops is a group with a wide variety of flying activities which occur daily. From flying Cessna around the world, landing at the most challenging airports, to landing a Boeing 747-400 in near zero visibility.
We offer a comfortable flying environment which everyone likes, no need to pass any exams or pressure you to progress. We offer support as a community to allow you to progress at your pace. Virtual pilots can learn and understand the basic and advanced flight and navigation using the knowledge, skills, and experience of our virtual pilots and actually licensed pilots. We offer this all in an atmosphere free of intimidation.

            Welcome to the EasternHops Forums and thanks for stopping by. The following instructions will show you how to login to our main website and how to get to our forums be sure to check your email spam or junk folder for any emails from us after applying. if you need any help contact me using our "Need Help? Let's Chat!" on or email

The following shows how to log into our website and forums

>> log into our main site. At the top header of the site if you see crew login click on that then you will need to log in with your email and password that you used for your application

>>> After you have been aproved by staff For new members just signing up it is very important to read all the agreement and to answer all the "QUESTIONS ASK"

>>> Fill in your email and password and check the remember me box

>>>  Left Click on FORUMS IN THE MENU

>>> To log into the forums add your email and your password, same as the main easternhops website

>>> If you get logged in then you are good to go! If you get any errors and cannot log-in let Robert Pizza know using the "NEED HELP LET'S CHAT" on the website or email us at

Happy Landing from EasternHops!

 Eastern42oo aka Pizza

VIDEO GALLERY / CNN all about planes
« on: May 11, 2016, 04:26:32 PM »
CNN >> has put together a bunch of video regarding planes check it out

Click here to see 15 videos about 747


Greetings EasternHopers:

          Our community focuses on Airport Hops with ATC controlled area on our Public Teamspeak. We do have a customized Virtual Airline system that tracks your flights using a small app utility E-Tracker also known as SmartCARS; this system is optional, however, we encourage you to use our system to help you become a better pilot.

The following video tutorial Shows how to set-up, create Flights tweak your flight sim using our Virtual Airline E-Tracker (SmartCARS) program

---------------  PRE - E-Tracker aka smartCARS set-up --------------

Be Sure to register on and then Download step by step as instructed on your profile page 

- E-Tracker aka smartCARS   CLICK HERE!
Download and install FSUIPC when it asks you to register just say no or cancel and you good to go. To see if you have it installed join game press left ALt and see if you see the add-ons button on your menu bar if you see it displayed there you are good to go. 

- FSUIPC 4 - Lastest version (FSX Module that allows E-Tracker to comunicate with FSX)  CLICK HERE!

-----------------Configuring your smartCARS--------------------

- Right click on E-Tracker icon on your desktop and "run as administrator"
- on the left column of the E-tracker click on "SETTINGS"
- Locate "GENERAL" Check where it says "Return to Flights page after Bidding"
- Beside General click on "CHAT"  uncheck "Flash the taskbar icon when a new message arrives".
- Locate SOUNDS first column uncheck "Play Global Messages and on the right side you can uncheck Play Flight attendant announcements when flying a prop plane and recheck when flying a commercial airplane.

-----------------How to pick a flight from your E-Tracker --------------------

CREATING FLIGHTS.....When you want to go on a flight using E-Tracker
- Click on "NEW" add your icao Airport code in the Departure area.

Do not add arrival airport code, aircraft type or time as this may prevent you from seeing the flight you want to go on (for new pilots all flight routes will be seen after 3  hours of VA time then you can add the arrival airport remember even if that flight is assigned to another plane you can still pick that flight).

  If you see your flight in the search list assigned to another aircraft you can still bid on that flight and change it to the correct plane after selecting "fly". If you do not see the flight in the search list that you want to fly

We are working on fixing the create a flight function on the website so for now use the "create" button thats on our E-Tracker aka SmartCARS

go to website and use the "CREATE FLIGHT" feature on the header menu. add departure airport, Arrival Airport, Select your preferred aircraft for this flight leave departure times empty now you can CREATE YOUR FLIGHT. Now you will see Pilot submitted Charters scroll down until you see the flight you created and select "Fly Now"  Add your cruising Altitude and when flying be sure to be at or above the cruise altitude so you will get all your correct callouts on your decent to the arriving airport click Fly

    Now when you see the big green check mark you are good to go back to the E-Tracker and see if your flight is in the bids section of your E-Tracker. locate your new flight on in the "Manage bid flights list and left click to highlight and click fly information will be shown in the first 5 lines then you will have to pick or be sure your aircraft is in the first block if not there is a drop down error and select the aircraft you will be flying for this flight. next block leave it set to "Flying Off-Line" and next is the passenger amount left click on Generate load below and pick the highest amount shown. the last block is your cruising altitude. Be sure you add your fuel for the flight.     

 Use "NEED HELP LETS CHAT" or "OFFLINE" feature on website or come on our Teamspeak 3 server "" for any questions or help.


These are the guidelines for flying with SmartCARS:

Take off and climb to your pre-selected cruise altitude, not to exceed 250 kts below 10,000'.
Once you reach 10,000' you may increase speed, not to exceed 320 knots/Mach 0.82 IAS above 28,000'.

You must complete a flight in REAL time, without map jumping, slewing, or using simulator time compression.

There is a feature on the SmartCARS flight window called 'pause at top of descent'. It is recommended that you use it. This feature is offered as a precaution to not getting back to your PC in time to complete overnight long-haul flights. Or if you fall asleep, etc...

Pausing your flight in order to relocate your aircraft, or to shorten your flight time, is NOT allowed. 

Pause on descent will pause your plane
, usually 110 miles out from landing or at a VSR of -30 fpm. Then a pilot may wake up or come home and land their plane. Running out of fuel will cause errors in the overall tracking system for the airline. Statistics will not be accurate.

If you run out of fuel during your flight, then please discontinue the flight. Taking extra fuel is better than running out.

 Your landing rate must be -399 feet per minute or less. After you land before you submit your "Pirep" Pilot Report be sure you view your acars data scroll up a few lines and see what your land rate is -399 and below you can file you report ...-400 close you start cars and redo the flight if you submit the flight it will get rejected and you will loss -200 points on the easternhops website.

All flights are reviewed before approval, so please follow these guidelines. It will prevent you from having to redo' a flight.

As always, our members and staff are here to help you. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask.
Thank you for your cooperation. Now go have fun! Happy Landings.


By Simon Hradecky, created Sunday, May 8th 2016 22:50Z, last updated Sunday, May 8th 2016 22:50Z
A Delta Airlines Boeing 717-200, registration N939AT performing flight DL-762 from Atlanta,GA to Chicago Midway,IL (USA) with 114 people on board, was climbing through FL260 out of Atlanta at about 20:50z when the aircraft encountered turbulence causing the engine cowl of the right hand engine to separate. The crew received abnormal engine indications and decided to divert to Nashville,TN for a safe landing about 25 minutes later. The aircraft received damage to the right hand engine and right hand stabilizer.

full article

VIDEO GALLERY / Most Difficult Landing in the World (Peru)
« on: May 08, 2016, 02:34:25 AM »

Published on 31 May 2013
Chagual (SPGL), Peru proves to have one of the most impressive approaches in the world.
S7°47.85' / W77°39.09'
Elevation: 3967.0 feet MSL
Dimensions: 3937 x 59 feet / 1200 x 18 meters
Runway 14/32
Cars & Vehicles
Standard YouTube Licence


Sabrina Fawaz was travelling with her husband from Dubai to London
The British Airways flight BA108 was escorted by Hungarian fight jets
It had failed to contact Hungarian air controllers according to protocol

By QIN XIE FOR MAILONLINE-  This is the terrifying moment that a passenger travelling from Dubai to London spotted a fighter jet next to her window.

Sabrina Fawaz was travelling with her husband on the British Airways flight BA108 on Saturday when the plane temporarily lost communications with air traffic control as it entered Hungarian air space causing two Hungarian Air Force Gripens to be scrambled.

She told MailOnline Travel that she thought the plane was ‘ready to shoot us down’.

See the rest of the story here

"Thunder Thursdays" / "Thunder Thursdays"
« on: April 22, 2016, 09:35:31 AM »

Come Fly with us during "Thunder Thursdays" This will be a show not to miss. Our Thunder and Lightning show will be at it's best as we custom set our "EasternHops Public ATC" Server with lots of rain and heavy winds that will stir up some turbulence in the cockpit for your flying enjoyment. Hope you can join us

NOTE: This server is restarted on Thursdays and Fridays mornings. We recommend flying long-haul flights on our EasternHops JoinFS Server.  Flying on the "EasternHops Public ATC" early mornings could see you getting kicked out because of server restart for the day's custom weather settings

"Foggy Fridays" / "Foggy Friday"
« on: April 22, 2016, 09:35:11 AM »

Join us on the FSX Steam Network on our session called "EasternHops Public ATC" for a nail-biting, edge of your seat landing experience with 1nm visibility. This would be a great time to hone your Instrument Landings including but not limited to ILS (Instrument Landing System). If you need help with Instrument Approaches our Real Life and Virtual Pilots will be glad to share their expertise.

NOTE: This server is restarted on Thursdays and Fridays mornings. We recommend flying long-haul flights on our EasternHops JoinFS Server.  Flying on the "EasternHops Public ATC" early mornings could see you getting kicked out because of server restart for the day's custom weather settings

"CESSNA 172 SUNDAYS" / What is "Cessna Sunday's"
« on: April 21, 2016, 11:57:19 AM »

We Invite all Pilots to join us every Sunday to fly a Cessna Shyhawk 172

We Average a 20-30+ Planes Flying Random Hops List

to Places all over the world. So spread the word, let every

one know to come and join the fun.... hope to see you there!!!

Official Take-off time @ 11:00 am ET/1600z

Steam FSX Network server called "EasternHops Cessna Sunday"

Server password  "onlycessna"

Flying any other plane other than a Cessna Skyhawk 172 will result in being kicked from server


Check a Line-up take off from a session on Feb 24/19 how about joining us

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