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How do I become an ATC Controller?
« on: February 27, 2019, 12:00:50 PM »

How to Become an Easternhops Air Traffic Controller
Please be advised we are not recruiting any new Air Traffic Controllers to the yellow tag yet until after May 2019 as we are still in the training stages.

 So, you want to be an Air Traffic Controller? You’ve come to the right place! Easternhops is a fantastic community to learn to be an Air Traffic Controller in a friendly and supportive environment. We will provide you with One-on-One training to help you with being a successful controller.

Can I still control a tower without the Yellow ATC Tag?
Yes! You can always control any tower you wish (Except KMIA which always remains uncontrollable due to host aircraft). It is through controlling towers that we will monitor your progress and select you to join our ATC team. You will not be able to control a tower during special events as those are reserved for the ATC team. (Yellow Tags).

Selection Process
The selection process is decided by the ATC Trainers and the Admin team. We will supervise and monitor your ability to control an airport and airspace, if we deem your abilities to be that of a good potential controller, we will reach out to you and see if you are interested in the ATC training program.

Selection Criteria
The criteria for being selected as an ATC is not based on terminology knowledge or previous experience. What we really look for in potential candidates to our program is the traits that define a good ATC controller, such as patience, the ability to manage multiple aircraft calmly and with the courtesy and service that is expected from Air Traffic Controllers.

Training Program
The training program will take place with one of your region’s training instructors. The current instructors are Pad Thai Shrimp. More details on the training program will be given once you have been submitted to the program.

Thanks and we are looking forward to you joining our ATC Team
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