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No guarantees, just have fun if you love math and scripting challenges...

If you are not already an expert and are curious, I have just begun experimenting with .lua files that are scripts for interfacing with FSX that you may be able to learn and use from...

Have fun with automated scripting using LUA and FSUIPC for unattended or long flights.

FSUIPC has logging functions you can turn on to debug script if needed.

Also, set FSUIPC misc setting to "center elev on A/P disconnect". ( I had plane dive when I turned off A/P at 175') wihout this setting...

Scripts  could be used for any flight, and altitude, but you may have to adjust script values accordingly if you change cruising alt (21000) or ILS intercept point (3700).

Set up save flight from TNCM to TFFF, with:
       parking brake set
       A/P alt = 21000 and HOLD on
       A/P verticle speed set to 2100 and V/S on
       A/T armed and speed set to 230 and SPD on
       NAV/GPS set to GPS
       Flight plan loaded:  TNCM  BOPAT  DANDE  KAREX 

Landing runway 09 at TFFF ILS Freq = 109.90

Note:  In your aircraft.cfg set default_vertical_speed to 1500

With my supplied scripts, all you need to do is release parking brakes and takeoff from TNCM, everything from that point will be automated by the LUA script:
    landing747DRA.lua (automates all flight functions)
    ipcReady.lua  (this script provides VS at touchdown, and calls landing747DRA.lua, when the Easternhops 747 dragon is loaded)
     (place the above files in the fsx/modules folder)  which will be executed when you start the flight.
Use this OneDrive Link to download these files....  https://1drv.ms/f/s!AkEjxsTqEEBSwx4ENDxceb1EoykZ

LUA scripts can be triggered manually, but if triggered while already in flight, you may see strange things happening, it is best to start flight from FSX as default flight so the script starts from the beginning set of conditions.

 ipcReady.lua  is a script that displays your verticle speed at touchdown on the fsx screen, for 15 seconds (I got this off of the WEB).

If you turn on EVENT logging in FSUIPC, you can see your VS touchdown speed in the log, if you happen to miss it on the FSX display...

I set my key to be the  CTRL-Q key combo for the landing747DRA script).  I.E, if you did not use the ipcReady.lua to trigger the landing747DRA.lua, and wanted to use this scipt for any 747 or whatever, you would have to trigger it with a key combo at the start of a flight.  If you use the ipcReady.lua, you do not need the key combo, but can create one if you want, just in case you need it.

I am learning this lua stuff for the first time, but if you have any ?'s, I would be glad to help

You can email me at fltbuff71@gmail.com for any questions....

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