Author Topic: KingAir350 Random Wednesday's  (Read 1357 times)

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KingAir350 Random Wednesday's
« on: March 14, 2017, 10:22:16 PM »

Join us as we host "EasternHops kingAir350 Random Wednesday's" Throughout the day we will be flying airport hops from different parts of the world averaging 180nm Legs

Join our group Hop server on the FSX Steam Multiplayer list called "EasternHops KingAir350"

NOTE: If you want to fly another aircraft other than the KingAir 350 you can use our Community Server Game coms are disabled however you can join our teamspeak server at "" there is a age restriction of 16 and older

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Re: KingAir350 Random Wednesday's
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2018, 05:49:30 PM »
Q) What is the password for kingair350?

A) No password for this custom server set theme day it will be hosted as "EasternHop / KingAir 350" on the steam network multiplayer list, be sure to join our TeamSpeak and say hello to the guys ""
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