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EasternHops 8th Annual Meet & Greet
« on: January 30, 2018, 11:17:26 AM »

EasternHops invites you to join us Thursday May 31 to Monday June 4 for our
8th EasternHops Annual Meet and Greet. Mississauga just outside of Toronto Canada will be the location for this epic event.
Our main focus during this event will be visiting UFly Simulator and flying in their 777 and 738 Jet Max
and of course meeting members and friends of EasternHops. So get your passports ready and come join the fun.

Saturday, June 2- Sunday, June 3 We will visit UFly Simulator where you will find one of the best flight experiences ever flying a 777-200 simulator. Group price of a low 150$ CDN Funds for an hour gives you 1 hour on the 777 sim split between 30 minutes co-pilot seat and 30 minutes captains seat. After that we have dibs on a 737-800 JetMax


Above is the actual Boeing 777-300 Simulator and JetMax 737-800 at "UFLY"  see it's virtaul 360 tour. Click top right corner block to go full screen


Comfort Inn will be our Accomodations for this year's Meet & Greet

Rooms are first come bases and only if avaiable

Guest Pay own room. Prices are in Candian funds

$ 109.99 plus taxes 1-2 Guest per Room ( with Breakfast )
$ 119.99 plus taxes 3 Guest per Room    ( with Breakfast )
$ 129.99 plus taxes 4 Guest per Room    ( with Breakfast )

After arriving Toronto Airport (CYYZ) the following information will direct you to COMFORT INN Hotel Shuttle departure area from the airport 

The Following members will be at our EasternHops Meet & Greet 2018

1-Pizza EAS-4200 from Canada (Thurs)  (Fly-in)
2-Falcon EAS-091 from Canada (Thurs) (Fly-in)
3-Scooter EAS-064 from Toronto Canada ( FRI) (lives there)
4-Gabe from EAS-003 Toronto Canada (Lives there)
5-Tomcat from USA (Fly-In)  (Thurs)  (looking for a roomie to split costs)
6-BOB F - EAS-235 from Boston  (Thurs) (Driving)
7-Big Daddy EAS-201 from New Jersey (Thurs) (Driving)
8-9- Steff & wife Rose from New York (Friday) (FLY-IN) 
10-CaptSly aka "Slick"  From Toronto Canada  (Friday)  (Driving)   
11- Pad Thai Shrimp    From Washington, D.C (Thursday) (FLY-IN)   
12> Ken aka Mr M from Nanaimo B,C Canada (Thursday) (FLY-IN)
13> FSMorey "EAS-5253" from Minneapolis (Thursday) (FLY-IN)
14 > Lars  "EAS-5277"  from Denver USA (Thursday) (FLY-IN)
15 > John "EAS-007"  from Hilton Head SC USA (Thursday) (FLY-IN) 
16 > Nick (John 007 Son)  from Hilton Head SC USA (Thursday) (FLY-IN) 

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