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What We Do At EasternHops...

EasternHops is a group with a wide variety of flying activities that occur daily. From flying Cessna around the world, landing at the most challenging airports, to landing a Boeing 747-400 in near-zero visibility.
We offer a comfortable flying environment that everyone likes, no need to pass any exams or pressure you to progress. We offer support as a community to allow you to progress at your pace. Virtual pilots can learn and understand the basic and advanced flight and navigation using the knowledge, skills, and experience of our virtual pilots and actually licensed pilots. We offer this all in an atmosphere free of intimidation.


If you would like to join EasternHops we invite you to join our TeamSpeak [easternhops.ts3ip.com] community speak and fly with the guys take advantage of our ATC Services after you see what we have to offer you can request an application to join our great Family flight Community 


>>> If you get logged in then you are good to go! If you get any errors and cannot log-in let Robert Pizza know using the "NEED HELP LET'S CHAT" on the easternhops.com website or email us at operations@easternhops.com.

Happy Landing from EasternHops!

 Eastern42oo aka Pizza
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