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How to install and run E-Tracker (SmartCARS) (FSX/FS2020,P3D,Xplane)

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1.1 - Download

E-Tracker allows you to track your flight by uploading the key aspects of the flight onto EasternHops website. This allows us to calculate your flight hours, total flights and much much more...


To download E-Tracker please click on the link below...


You should then see a tab appear at the bottom of your browser which is E-Tracker downloading to your computer. (Example of Google Chrome Browser)

1.2 - Installation


Once download is completed, you need to open the installation application (.exe file shown above)... you will then this the following window...

This window will then appear, you need to ensure the program is being installed in the correct location, as some users have multiple hard drives...

The installation has now been completed. Click finish to start E-tracker...

1.3 - Login


After the installation has finished E-Tracker will auto-start and show this window...

Please use the SAME login information from EasternHops.com to login to E-Tracker, Either your Email or Pilot ID along with your password.


Thats it, Your Done!
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