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EasternHops 10Th Annual Meet & Greet 2020

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Hello EasternHops pilots and friends. We are so glad to announce that we will be hosting our EasternHops 10th Annual Meet and Greet in Mississauga Ont Canada (just outside of Toronto) and we hope you can join us.

    So our itinerary for this epic event will be as follows, Thursday the event begins as members arrive from US and Canada and we will be spending the day meeting with new and old faces. On Friday, we will be traveling to Niagara Falls with an exciting stop at national helicopters tours in St Catharines Ontario. We will be soaring in the air on an epic helicopter ride in the sky's above the Niagara Falls Rapids! Then we will drive to Niagara Falls and go for a fun and crazy jet boat ride down the Niagara river.   Following that, some dinner and we will go on a little boat cruise near the falls which will leave you with a memory you will never forget.

   Our main event is on Saturday and Sunday as we will be at UFLY Flight Simulator in Mississauga ONT, flying on their 777-200 simulator and throughout the day we will have access to 8 Cessna 172 Skyhawk Flight Sim set-ups and a 737-800Ng simulator. Depending on how many people come to the event this maybe a 24 hour event.  Hope you all can come!!  I have added some screenshot below to tease you and hopefully fire you up to come. Be sure to get those passports early and make your room reservation early and come have some fun. 



Operating since 1985, National Helicopters Inc. has built one of Canada's foremost international flight and maintenance organizations. On the way to Niagara Falls we will be stopping off here and taking a fly over the falls its amazing it's a "DO NOT" miss experience.

Click Here to see direction from Google maps to National Helicopters Inc


Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours. We are going to be in for a wild ride OH YA!

Yes this will be us and Oh yes we will get wet  lol can't wait


There will be a Hourly discounted group rate for the 777 of $140 Canadian Funds. You also may have a copilot with you as well so really you will be having 2 hours in the 777 oh yaaaaa. this price also includes full access to all the other Sims setup that are there.

Below is the actual Boeing 777-200 Simulator at "UFLY" see it's virtual 360 tour. Click top right block to go full screen and use mouse to look around the cockpit 360%

Here's their 737-800NG we get to play with all day long.

8 Cessna 172 skyhawks set-ups this will keep us busy.


Individuals will be responsible for making their own reservations. Reservations can be made by telephone at
1-800-SANDMAN or 905 238 0159. Individuals will need to quote the (GROUP CODE 286456) room rate is $119.00 Canadian funds.
Rooms Must be book by: April 27, 2020. Credit Cards will not be charged until check in

Live Google Map of 
Sandman Signature Mississauga Hotel
5400 Dixie Rd, Mississauga, ON L4W 4T4

Early Bird Members arriving Wednesday, May 27

HOW      WERE FROM        HOW       WHEN

Pizza >> New Brunswick Canada >>>   Flying >>> Air Canada 6:45 et
Teki  >>>>>   Cleveland Ohio USA  >>>>>  Driving  >>   Time  t/b/a
TomCat >>>    Ohio USA      >>>   Flying >>>   Delta 10:17am
FSMorey >>>   Minneapolis    USA    >>>   Flying >>>  Noon
Media Phamous   Michigan  USA  >> Driving  >> 3pm-ish

Members arriving Thursday May 28

WHO      WERE FROM        HOW       WHEN

Scooter Pilot >> Toronto Canada >> lives there >> Driving
Gabe   >> Toronto Canada >> lives there >> Driving   
Boston Bob > Boston USA >> Driving >>> Thursday   
Steff Eas 313 >> New York  USA >> Flying >> Thursday 12:30

>>> Members Count So Far  #9 <<<

  Arriving at Toronto Pearson Airport you want to make your way to Gate "S" you can grab the shuttle to the hotel there
Sandman Signature Mississauga Hotel
5400 Dixie Road, Mississauga, ON L4W 4T4
call for shuttle at (905) 238-0159


If you have any questions or need help with anything you can use our "NEED HELP LET"S CHAT" or leave "OFFLINE MESSAGE" on our www.easternhops.com website

You can also email us at easternhops@gmail.com

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