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How to Install and Run TeamSpeak 3

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1.1 - Download

Firstly you need to download TeamSpeak 3 to your computer. The download can be found on TeamSpeaks website, click the button below to navigate there.


Please ensure that you have chosen the correct operating system. (32bit or 64bit for windows)

You should then see a tab appear at the bottom of your browser which is TeamSpeak downloading to your computer. (Example of Google Chrome Browser)

1.2 - Installation

Once download is completed, you need to open the installation application (.exe file shown above)... you will then this the following window...

This window will then appear, you need to click next which is highlighted red in the photo below...

The next page will highlight TeamSpeaks terms and conditions, we would advise you to read them. The tick box for accepting these terms and conditions will only become selectable when the scroll bar is all the way down. (Highlighted red on the image below)

Follow the rest of the installation... TeamSpeak should then be successfully installed to your computer.


1.3 - Launching and Connecting

Launching TeamSpeak should be relatively straight forward. Locate the TeamSpeak icon either on your desktop screen, or start - all programs. Then double click to start.
We have made it easy for you to connect to our server without needing to put the server address or port numbers in. Please click the link below to connect to our TeamSpeak Server.

connect to address ts3.easternhops.com port 9987