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Become an ATC Controller

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Do you want to become an ATC on EasternHops?
(How to get the ATC yellow controller tag)

We really appreciate your interest in becoming an ATC in our community!
We hope you enjoy learning to become a controller.
We recommend you to have patience during the process.

Practice your tower skills at any time!
If you have any questions always ask someone with the yellow ATC tag to help you. They can encourage you for advanced training, or recommend you for the ATC tag. If you are recommended for the ATC tag, one of the following Designated Examiner will look over your shoulder to test your skills. They can also make a flight themselves with you as an controller:
  • 3of4
  • JAY N29X
  • Seatburner
  • Goofer Jr
  • Rikkert

Basic topics are:

  • IFR/ VFR understanding (CRAFT rule)
  • Taxi clearance
  • SID / STAR
  • Basic understanding of charts
  • Social situation you are in. Know when to talk or not. The controller in the channel is responsible for social interaction that is not disruptive to the performance of the controller or the pilots.

A few short recommendations to keep everything running smoothly:

  • Practice your tower skills at any time. As a pilot/ controller you learn every day!
  • You as a controller are responsible for dealing with each other socially. With many aircraft in your frequency, you keep the frequency calm. It is not allowed to swear or curse! Try to handle this well. Above all, EasternHops stands for fun!
  • We have 3 zones in TeamSpeak (TS). Each zone is for 1 airport only. Each airport (zone) has 3 frequencies: (DEL/GND), (TOWER), (DEP/APP).
    If one of these frequencies already has a controller, you always first ask the current controller if they would like some help. If not, then please open another zone.
  • The order of the different channels is: (DEL/GND), (TOWER), (DEP/APP).
    If you have a frequency that has an unmanned channel below it, this means that you always control this channel from your current frequency as well.

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