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Joining VA SmartCars aka E-Tracker / Set-Up / How to's

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This Topic will be updated soon as we have been very busy with the new arrival of FS2020 we hope to grow FS2020 alongside FSX with some growing pains yes but we will grow stronger and be the best of the best.

Greetings EasternHoppers, and friends:

          Our community focuses on Airport Hops using Discord for voice communications. Here! We do have a customized Virtual Airline system that tracks your flights using a small app called E-Tracker also known as SmartCARS; this system is optional, however, we encourage you to use our system to help you become a better pilot.

The following video tutorial Shows how to set-up, create Flights tweak your flight sim using our Virtual Airline E-Tracker (SmartCARS) program

---------------  PRE - E-Tracker aka smartCARS set-up --------------

Download and install the following 

- E-Tracker aka smartCARS   CLICK HERE!

- FSUIPC 4 - 4.971 (FSX Module that allows E-Tracker to comunicate with FSX)  CLICK HERE!

-----------------Configuring your smartCARS--------------------

- Right click on E-Tracker icon on your desktop and "run as administrator"
- on the left column of the E-tracker click on "SETTINGS"
- Locate "GENERAL" Check where it says "Return to Flights page after Bidding"
- Beside General click on "CHAT"  uncheck "Flash the taskbar icon when a new message arrives".
- Locate SOUNDS first column uncheck "Play Global Messages and on the right side you can uncheck Play Flight attendant announcements when flying a prop plane and recheck when flying a commercial airplane.

-----------------How to pick a flight from your E-Tracker --------------------

CREATING FLIGHTS.....When you want to go on a flight using E-Tracker
- Click on "NEW" add your ICAO Airport code in the Departure area.

Do not add arrival airport code, aircraft type, or time as this may prevent you from seeing the flight you want to go on (for new pilots all flight routes will be seen after 3  hours of VA time then you can add the arrival airport remember even if that flight is assigned to another plane you can still pick that flight).

  If you see your flight in the search list assigned to another aircraft you can still bid on that flight and change it to the correct plane after selecting "fly". If you do not see the flight in the search list that you want to fly go to the easternhops.com website and use the "CREATE FLIGHT" feature on the header menu. add departure airport, Arrival Airport, Select your preferred aircraft for this flight leave departure times empty now you can CREATE YOUR FLIGHT. Now you will see Pilot submitted Charters scroll down until you see the flight you created and select "Fly Now"  Add your cruising Altitude and when flying be sure to be at or above the cruise altitude so you will get all your correct callouts on your decent to the arriving airport click Fly

    Now when you see the big green checkmark you are good to go back to the E-Tracker and see if your flight is in the bids section of your E-Tracker. locate your new flight on in the "Manage bid flights list and left click to highlight and click fly information will be shown in the first 5 lines then you will have to pick or be sure your aircraft is in the first block if not there is a drop-down error and select the aircraft you will be flying for this flight. next block leave it set to "Flying Off-Line" and next is the passenger amount left-click on Generate load below and pick the highest amount shown. the last block is your cruising altitude. Be sure you add your fuel for the flight.     

 Use "NEED HELP LETS CHAT" or "OFFLINE" feature on easternhops.com website or come on our Discord App "HERE!" for any questions or help.


These are the guidelines for flying with SmartCARS:

Take off and climb to your pre-selected cruise altitude, not to exceed 250 kts below 10,000'.
Once you reach 10,000' you may increase speed, not to exceed 320 knots/Mach 0.82 IAS above 28,000'.

You must complete a flight in REAL time, without map jumping, slewing, or using simulator time compression.

There is a feature on the SmartCARS flight window called 'pause at top of descent'. It is recommended that you use it. This feature is offered as a precaution to not getting back to your PC in time to complete overnight long-haul flights. Or if you fall asleep, etc... (do not use with FS2020)

Pausing your flight in order to relocate your aircraft, or to shorten your flight time, is NOT allowed. 

Pause on descent will pause your plane
, usually 110 miles out from landing or at a VSR of -30 fpm. Then a pilot may wake up or come home and land their plane. Running out of fuel will cause errors in the overall tracking system for the airline. Statistics will not be accurate.

If you run out of fuel during your flight, then please discontinue the flight. Taking extra fuel is better than running out.

 Your landing rate must be -399 feet per minute or less. After you land before you submit your "Pirep" Pilot Report be sure you view your acars data scroll up a few lines and see what your land rate is -399 and below you can file your report ...-400 close you start cars and redo the flight if you submit the flight it will get rejected and you will loss -200 points on the easternhops website.

All flights are reviewed before approval, so please follow these guidelines. It will prevent you from having to redo' a flight.

As always, our members and staff are here to help you. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask.
Thank you for your cooperation. Now go have fun! Happy Landings.

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