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🕊️In Loving Memory: HAK EAS-522🕊️


EasternHops is a Virtual Airline community that supports Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020,FSX:Steam Edition, X-Plane, and Prepar3D. Be sure to join us on Discord!

See download/install/settings information - Click here - Discord users 14+ Years Old (13 Years old - With Parents Consent)

We also offer a wide variety of daily/weekly activities from flying Bush Planes over Canada/USA Cessna's 172 around the world during the (Official Cessna Sunday), landing at the most challenging airports, to landing a Boeing 747-400 in near zero visibility.

We promote a comfortable flying environment, with no need to pass any exams. If you want to expand your knowledge and experience, then you can become a pilot of the virtual airline / Charter operations. Fly What you want, Where you want, and When you want with no stress. As a Virtual pilot, you can learn and understand basic or advanced flight and navigation using the knowledge, skills, and experience of our virtual pilots and real life licensed pilots. We offer this all in an atmosphere free of intimidation or judgement.

EasternHops Community has evolved over the past 14 years and we are constantly keeping our website and other systems up to date, which offers you, the member, the very best technology and support to make your experience with us even more amazing. We listen to any members suggestions and as a collective group we move onward and upwards. We look forward to flying with you.

Robert / Pizza EH4200 - Creator & Founder - EasternHops


Our Events

EasternHops Cessna 172 Sunday
Every Sunday

EasternHops Cessna Sunday

We Invite all Pilots to join us every Sunday to fly a Cessna Shyhawk 172. We Average a 20-30+ Planes Flying Random Hops List to places all over the world. So spread the word, let everyone know to come and join the fun.... hope to see you there!!!

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Current Flights

Pilot Flight Number Aircraft ACARS Departure Arrival Altitude Ground Speed Status
EAS1701 - Luke EH1471787 B737-700 smartCARS 3 YSSY YMML 15297.ft 348 Descent
EAS7083 - Charles EH7083 B777-2 smartCARS KDFW RKSI 39999ft 482 Cruising
EAS5267 - Thomas EH5267 787-9 DREAML smartCARS SPZO PAJN 10723ft 0 Taxiing to Runway
EAS5202 - Anthony EH1975400 A320NEO smartCARS KJFK EGPH 36572ft 495 Cruising

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