EasternHops Registration Agreement

Welcome to the beginning of the EasternHops recruitment process. Your application will consist of entering information such as your name, email address, location information, with an entrance exam which will determine if your application is accepted or rejected.

EasternHops has a high volume of applications for our virtual airline and we only accept new members who are enthusiastic about flying with us and want to progress through our ranks. Flying our group events [Cessna Sunday] every week will give you more of an advantage of being accepted over users who dont.

 EasternHops Community Policy

  •   You must be 16 or older to join EasternHops Community. No under 16's are accepted.
  •   Members are required to use their FULL NAME only for registration, any false names or incorrect formats will see your application rejected.
  •   You must register your account with a valid email. Any false emails will see your application rejected.
  •   EasternHops can and will suspend or terminate any members account without notice if any policies are violated.
  •   Your membership login details are for your use, these cannot be transferred or surrendered to any other member. You risk account suspension or termination.
  •   EasternHops can and will suspend or terminate any members account without notice if any policies are violated.
  •   Bumping up posts or repeat posting on our forums is prohibited and could result in a loss of forum priviledges.
  •   Advertisement, spam or trolling is strictly prohibited throughout EasternHops network. Any evidence will lead to immediate account termination.
  •   Members must be courteous and respectful at all times. No threats, harassment or Political comments should be directed at any fellow members.
  •   Members can only fly one flights at a time, meaning no other VA tracking system can be used at the same time as E-Tracker.

 Teamspeak 3 Policy

  •   No politics or religion is to be discussed in any Teamspeak Room
  •   Teamspeak Usernames must meet our strict layout requirements.
  •   Members must not distribute our Teamspeak server information outside of EasternHops Community.
  •   Members should not distribute unauthorised software, aircraft or textures directly to other members on the EasternHops Network.

 E-Tracker Policy

  •   Pilots must submit their PIREP via E-Tracker or it will not be accepted.
  •   When using E-Tracker, increasing simrate or using any other form of acceleration can result in suspension or a ban.
  •   Landings greater than -600fpm will be accepted only once, if it reoccurs the flight will be declined. A comment will be left on your flight report.

I Accept These Terms & Conditions