EasternHops Membership Terms

EasternHops Community Policy
  • 16 Years or older to join EasternHops Community. No under 16's are accepted.
  • Members are required to use their FULL NAME only for registration.
  • You must register your account with a valid email.
  • EasternHops can and will suspend or terminate any members account without notice.
  • Your membership login details are for your use, these cannot be transferred or surrendered to any other member.
  • Bumping up posts or repeat posting on our forums is prohibited and result in a loss of forum priviledges.
  • Advertisement, spam or trolling is strictly prohibited throughout EasternHops network.
  • Members must be courteous and respectful at all times.
  • Members can only fly one flights at a time, meaning no other VA tracking system can be used.
Teamspeak 3 Policy
  • No politics or religion is to be discussed in any Teamspeak Room
  • Teamspeak Usernames must meet our strict layout requirements.
  • Members must not distribute our Teamspeak server information outside of EasternHops Community.
  • Members should not distribute unauthorised software, aircraft or textures directly to other members.
E-Tracker Policy
  • Pilots must submit their PIREP via E-Tracker or it will not be accepted.
  • When using E-Tracker, increasing simrate or using any other form of acceleration can result in suspension or a ban.
  • Landings greater than -500fpm will be accepted only once, if it reoccurs the flight will be declined.
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