Flown by Brent - EAS7343

  • Departure Airport

    San Francisco International Airport (KSFO)

  • Arrival Airport

    John F. Kennedy International Airport (KJFK)

  • Aircraft

    A320-214 (C-FGJI)

  • Flight Time


  • Date Submitted


  • Route


  • Status
  • Gross Revenue

    $ 515, 871.00

  • Fuel Cost

    $ 0.00


User Comment/Improvements/Reason for rejection
EAS-7343 This is a manual PIREP submission.....I had a bunch of flights yesterday that didnt get loggged when smartcars was down. I had just over 11.5 hours of flight time from 23 flights. I just thought doing one flight would be easier on everyone than listing all of the other flights. I wouldnt worry about it except for I was told smartcars and FSE go together. Where I stand now, the 11 hours makes a difference in my ranking up.....since we bother to track it all I, I might as well get due credit for it.

Route Map