Flown by David - EAS5372

  • Departure Airport

    Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (KDFW)

  • Arrival Airport

    John F. Kennedy International Airport (KJFK)

  • Aircraft

    B777-3 (C-EH280)

  • Flight Time


  • Date Submitted


  • Status
  • Gross Revenue

    $ 438, 030.00

  • Fuel Cost

    $ 40, 166.76


User Comment/Improvements/Reason for rejection
EAS-4200 when your flight is done you can see the landing rate of your flight by looking and scroll up in the acars portion of the smartcars system if your landing rate is 500 or above your flight will be rejected please if this happens in the future do not file your flight just cancel the flight and redo it thanks. this flight will be rejected

Route Map